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Custom Trade Solutions

Trading can be fun and save you money in the process. Trade to Save allows you find people who want to trade accommodation, products and services. This is similar to how you may find people through the yellow pages or a news paper, so you should treat your on-line communications no differently when dealing with people you don't know. Here are some basic guides to bartering and safe trading.


Learn the value of the goods or services being exchanged
Before considering bartering, you should first make a list of the goods or services you are willing to barter. Then make a list of the goods or services you want or need for your business. Note the value of each item on both lists to ensure that you can be sure of setting reasonable expectations for negotiating a successful barter deal. This may involve some research in areas such as:
Search the "for sale" columns in the paper, browse web trading sites and visit garage sales to get some idea as to the value of the product you have to trade or the product you are wanting. Take into account the product's condition, its age and how sought after it is in the market place.

If you want a trades person, professional person or service, you should have an idea of what the job or service is worth. You should follow the same process that you normally would when assessing the value of the work required. This could include talking to friends who have had similar services or phoning other providers of the same service to get an understanding of the jobs requirements and cost. You may have already had a previous estimate or a quote for the work; in this case, it will be handy to break down the components of your quote so you can see the value of the labor cost from the material or services supplied.

If you are offering private accommodation to other people you should base your value on similar accommodation in your local area. For example, a room for hire would probably have a value close to that of a standard Bed and Breakfast or Back Packers. However if you have a separate self contained flat or similar accommodation then you could expect to price it higher. In addition, if you are in a popular holiday location such as Queens Town then you would need to price accordingly for the location.


Once you have determined interested parties using Trade to Save you will need to feel comfortable about giving your personal details or phone numbers so you can have the freedom to conduct your negotiation off-line.

Use multiple options
If possible, have communications with several users so you can get a feel for the popularity of your trade item and compare offers to ensure you are getting value for money.

Offer or ask for money as a supplement
Remember in the case where you are trading trade items that are of different values you can always elect the option of money to supplement the value difference between the trade items on offer.

Consider the wider value of a trade
When seeking a service, be sure to look at all aspects of what is being offered before making a decision. This includes experience or qualifications, how handy they are to where you live in case you need follow up work. And check their credentials; view their workmanship (if possible) and any references (see safe trading tips).

The devil is in the detail
In areas such as services you will probably want to meet on site in order to evaluate the size and expectation of the work required. Make sure that you both are very aware of the expectations so your negotiations are realistic and understood.
Don't be pressured
Negotiation is a two way process, if you have different expectations and you feel under pressure you should always ask for time to consider the options or be prepared to walk away. You will never feel comfortable if you feel you were forced into a deal.

Be honest
Honesty is the best policy, treat others as you would want to be treated and if you feel you are being deceived be prepared to walk away, there is always tomorrow.


At all times you need to exercise common sense when trading with people whom you have never met. Some guidelines to consider to ensure your safe trading may include:

Exchanging personal details

Trade to save will allow full members to message each in order to establish a point where they feel comfortable to exchange personal details and negotiate the details of the possible trade, off-line. When taking this step you may want to exchange an external email address or phone numbers to have more discussions before providing physical delivery or service address details. Don't be afraid to call back to the number you have been provided at another time to ensure it is genuine. You may also like to speak to other members of the family or their work place to confirm that the person calling is who they say they are.

Question Question Question

Services: Ask questions about the job they normally do and what experience they have
Ask for references qualifications or if they are certified, if possible ask for references and to see examples of their work.

Product: Where possible buy product from areas where you can visit the person and view the product first hand.

Accommodation: Should you be a private person letting accommodation as a trade item you n need to feel comfortable about the person who you are letting stay in your home. You may want to stipulate only families or couples or people of a certain age are eligible. If possible meet first and or ask to speak with other members of the family or parties intending to stay make every effort to never be alone in the house with the visiting parties or leave them alone in your home. It may also be wise to provide the exchange of trade items during the period where they are staying at your home.
Use a Barter Exchange Agreement

When exchanging high value items, the respective parties may wish to enter into a barter exchange agreement. 
We have provided a simple generic Barter Trading Agreement which should address most aspects of your barter and exchange requirements.  You can download this document as a guide and amend as appropriate for your own trading circumstance.